Mr. Grossmann, where does MarpaJansen’s strength lie?
I believe our strength lies in the way we act in the spirit of partnership: we seek direct contact with our customers and partners. This involves a relationship based on trust and mutual respect, sharing information, and recognizing individual needs. In short: we care.

MarpaJansen is a company steeped in tradition. Is that reflected in its day-to-day activities?
Absolutely! We stand by what we say and do. We are committed to reliability and stability. This translates into the highest level of planning security and best results for our business partners. Our word counts.

What does MarpaJansen focus on?
Clearly, we focus on our customers. Prompt action, quick decision-making processes and highly motivated employees ensure that we are in a position to fulfill virtually every requirement, no matter how specific, of our customers. Another key strength of MarpaJansen is our superior product quality – something we place particular emphasis on.

What does the MarpaJansen strategy look like?
MarpaJansen follows a clear course: we want our customers and partners to know what we can do and what they can expect from us. We nurture the creativity and the commitment of our employees by encouraging transparency and frank and open communication. This togetherness is the foundation of a professional partnership, which benefits everyone.

What are your future goals?
There will be more room for creative ideas at MarpaJansen in the future. Our aim is to continue working with our customers and partners to seek out new trends, applications, products, materials, and services that are targeted at developing innovative offerings. Our goal is the continuous optimization of our products and services.