MarpaJansen offers a world of opportunities for unleashing creative potential. Whether for handicrafts, decorating, or design – our products bring ideas to life and are a source of inspiration for new ones.


With professional advice, prompt action, and customized solutions, we support our customers in their day-to-day business and in their business development. We amaze our customers with fresh ideas – but never with fluctuations in our service performance

CEO Frank Grossmann reveals more about the MarpaJansen strategy in our interview.


MarpaJansen’s activity is built around a spirit of partnership. We seek direct contact with our customers and partners and are committed to a partnership based on mutual trust and respect. Sharing information and recognizing the individual needs of our customers motivate us to provide even better services. 

We care.



We stand by what we say and do. Reliability and stability are the cornerstones of our services that translate into the highest level of planning security and best results for our business partners. 

Our word counts.



There will be more room for creative ideas at MarpaJansen in the future. Our aim is to continue working with our customers and partners to seek out new trends, applications, products, materials and services that are targeted at developing innovative offerings. 

We seek for continuous optimization.



Focusing on the customer is MarpaJansen’s number one priority. We act promptly and maintain quick decision-making processes. Our highly motivated staff personally care to individual customer wishes.

We make it possible.



We want our customers and partners to know what we can do and what they can expect from us. We encourage transparency and frank and open communication among our employees. These principles promote creativity and commitment. This togetherness is the foundation of a professional partnership, which benefits everyone. 

We follow a clear course.


when paper is transformed into a smile

Whether simply folded, cleanly cut out, intricately shaped, or colorfully painted – the world of handicrafts offers virtually endless possibilities. Enter this world of fantasy with our papers, cardboards and materials.


through the eye and into the heart

It is the fine details that make up a magnificent whole. Developing these details imaginatively and bringing them to life with our own hands is what makes decorating so appealing. Our products help you to do this.


creating everything from nothing

Art knows no bounds. It offers space for visions, experiments, and self-realization. Art needs very little – other than a beginning. We are delighted when this beginning is one of our high-quality papers.


Our current catalog contains everything that MarpaJansen has to offer: papers, cardboard boxes, cardboards, foils, and an array of creative ideas.

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