Anybody who has processed paper for more than 100 years like ourselves, knows how carefully it has to be handled. And over the decades it has only been possible to develop and maintain good production quality as a result of sensitivity and experience. Add to this a fee for those products which might be successfully marketed, and you have found a competent partner in the field of paper and board.
     Since several generations MarpaJANSEN has been one of the market leaders in coloured poster board and an authoritative pioneer in the development of fluorescent board.

News of this has travelled throughout Europe, the Far East, Australia, South Africa and South America. When we talk about board we know what we are talking about, and when we use the word "reliability" we mean it. Recognising the signs of a changing market and applying them in a practical way ourselves, that's also MarpaJANSEN.
In particular, environment friendly production is a declared aim of our company. Thus, products are generated on a responsible and solid foundation for the whole field of design, decoration and advertising.

     Products of MarpaJANSEN for creativity, play, decoration and design - Paper, the material where ideas come from.